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New Favorites !!!

I know we are always in the eternal (well at least that is how it feels) search for new beauty products that actually deliver what they promise. I have tried from the cult favorites, the drugstore brand to the most expensive ones (not my favorite). But at last I have found 5 new products that I can honestly say I love!! ❤️ 💖 .

I came across Youth to the People a line who offers vegan and cruelty free products that do as they say!

Let's start with the superfood cleanser made with kale, green tea, spinach and vitamins. It feels a little dense when you put a little in the palm of your hand cause that is all you need. It lathers quite fast and it leaves your skin feeling clean,fresh and hydrated. Most vegan 🌱 products in my experience can dry your skin or just leave it feeling like it has lost its elasticity. But with this cleanser I feel like it has truly deep cleaned my face removing all stubborn makeup residue.

Let’s continue with the Kombucha, 11% AHA exfoliation power toner. This toner is to be used at night, first starting with twice a week until you are able to use it daily. It's refreshing yet it leaves you feeling a little sticky. That feeling does not go away after the rest of the routine but I have to say it leaves you glowing.

Next in our list we have my all time favorite so far from this line, the 15% vitamin C , caffeine energy serum. This is magic in a bottle (I love me some Magic 🔮). A little goes a long way, Once you apply it on your skin is like you have just given your skin a tall glass of water. It refreshes, moisturizes and evens out your skin tone giving you a healthy glow. I notice the effectiveness of this product with just one use.

Now on to the adaptogen deep moisture cream with ashwagandha, reishi and pentapeptide. Is the type of moisturizer you want. Is whipped, silky (feeling not the actual animal by product) , your skin absorbs it quite easily and leaves your skin smooth and firm.

When I got these products I received a bonus a small vial of the maqui,açaí ,prickly pear, goji, superberry hydrate glow oil. Like any oil it feels very rich when you put it on your face but it absorbs quite nicely once its massaged into the skin. I use my jade facial roller or my pink quartz Gua Shua and it moves well for a great facial massage and makes my skin glow and firm. It's an item that can be used day or night but I have only used it at night since I have sensitive combination skin.

My muses, I have not forgotten the under eye creams at this moment I am using a different brand and will be shortly trying the Youth to the People eye cream.

I want to clarify that this items go well under makeup (don't forget to use sunscreen) but they do such a good job you might not want to use anything when you see the changes on your skin. It gives you that confidence boost to be the natural you 😉 .

**This is not a paid advertisement this is my honest review of these products. I look forward to trying more items from this line. **

Please let me know if you try any of these products and how you feel about them I will love to hear from you.

Be kind, be blessed and just be YOU!

🌹 Love your Vegan Muse🌹

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