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A Vegan Muse?

Well... Hello there,

Welcome to my nook of ideas and inspiration. As I mentioned in my intro I am quite versatile and that is what I want to share with you .

I have been looking at this page for a while trying to even explain how to express my thoughts and plan for this space to all of you.

The simplest answer would be to say because I want to inspire and motivate you…

And cause I love greek mythology! ;-D .

All silliness aside let me tell you… I have been wanting to do this for so long but my own insecurities get the best of me and I end up not writing thinking no one wants to read what I have to say. But this all changed when I started taking my meals to work and there were so many co-workers and others I met who had the interest in veganism , well they could have just been inspired by my delicious cooking 😉 *insert laughter here*. Most had questions from food to travel, beauty and how to live plant based/vegetarian and/or vegan in everyday life, during this times that life goes so fast and we are all so busy. Their curiosity was so intoxicating they didn't know where to start but I was able to provide some insight and inspiration, that felt great!!!!

I have been Vegan for 7 years . During these years I have been learning a lot and also doing the best I can to educate those around me. When I started my Vegan journey I remember how cumbersome it was absorbing all the details and information. I tried all sorts of options available to me that had been tested by those that walked the path before me (thank you to all of you who paved the way). After trial and error and lots of reading I have now the capability to recognize what contains animal by products. But most importantly I know how to veganize non plant based recipes, how to find quality beauty products that satisfy my skin and beauty expectations. As well as how to find affordable ways to create very chic looks using apparel that is eco friendly and sustainable. Even how to travel and find delicious vegan meals around the world.

If you are here you are probably interested in how to start living a cruelty free life or you are already doing it and like to find more ideas.

So with all this said, I ask you to give me the chance to be your muse and inspire you.

Be kind, be blessed and just be you!

🌹B. Rose🌹

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